Bridget Ferrill & Áslaug Magnúsdóttir’s EP revels in the joy of complexity. A first collaborative release from the long-distance duo, Woodwind Quintet is an exercise in contrasts that quivers with electric pulses and patches. They crack, split, and weave through intricately embroidered classical elements in intimate and unexpected arrangements. Sonic fragments and scrambled instrumentation are disrupted by signal noise and rapid tempo shifts. Illogical compositions lead the listener along a dynamic meditation on beauty in alienation.

20 July 2022, Subtext Recordings


Composed during a whirlwind period of touring and sound engineering in 2019, 𝑂𝑛𝑙𝑦 functions as both a tranquil refuge and as a heartfelt appreciation for the source instruments' timbres. Berlin-based Bridget Ferrill crystallizes her professional recording experience and artist residencies into a singular focus on Buchla modular, harp, zither, and viola da gamba. Rather than an exercise in technical mastery, Ferrill's careful arrangements invite us to linger with each instrument; in her words, fulfilling the longing to "listen a little longer, a little slower". Every contour of the instruments is lovingly traced, a warm invite for us to join her in the exuberance of exploring their inner life.

06 December 2021, ENXPL
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